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Efficiency, professionalism, honesty, motivation



Firstly, unlike other estate agents, we won’t boast about following your dossier from start to finish, about taking care of administrative procedures, liaising with solicitors and other such things… This isn’t a bonus. It’s the minimum to be expected from any estate agency.

We are very knowledgeable about the needs, motivations and expectations of our buyers. These are what we address, because these are essential to the sale of a property.


Here’s how :



In present times, the days of buyers going to a local estate agent to search for their villa are over.

What are they doing now?

Before they leave home, they make their selections on the Internet and visit many sites, very often unfamiliar with how to use them. These sites offer them an incredible variety of totally diverse properties (studios, flats, houses of no interest, businesses…) and often properties that are no longer for sale and haven’t been for quite a long time…


In order to satisfy our clients we wanted an attractive site, We are particularly attentive to its search engine optimisation and its capacity to evolve.


“You don’t sell a home by having a good photo, but it can be not sold by having a bad one.”

If the buyer is not attracted by the very first image, they will move on, which makes it very difficult to revisit afterwards. We have trained photographers and will take the greatest care to present your property in all its glory.

Before publishing on our various sites, we will send you, usually within 24 hours maximum, our full presentation (photos, specifications, text) and will only publish after validation from you.


We select only quality properties for our customers who are serious and qualified. Your property will not be “lost in the crowd” among hundreds of others. We value it, for if we propose a property, it’s because we believe in it – it is not just one of many.



Sometimes buyers contact agencies simply for their well-known names, and are often disappointed, because they end up dealing with agents who have little or no experience.

We don’t work as estate agents by chance or by opportunism, it is our chosen profession and we are graduates in property law. We also have solid experience and the know-how needed to satisfy our customers.

We’ve been professional estate agents in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez area for years, and, as such, we have a strong relationship with our clients who recommend us to their friends, their acquaintances or anyone else they know who is looking for a quality property.



Seller or buyer, you are our most important priority; we are available and at your service, and we will prove it. By using the Internet, we naturally add mobility, speed and efficiency.

Choosing the Internet is also choosing to be reactive, we will respond as quickly as possible to any request or question. A client or Internet user should not have to wait to get the information they are expecting.



During the years we have been working in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, we have established partnerships with many of them. We know them, they are serious and efficient. So at your service we have correspondents throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Russia…They work from their home countries, recommend us and provide support for their customers, creating an atmosphere of trust and professionalism. Naturally, we are multi-lingual.

We will also publish your property on overseas sites that complement our own.
We do not wait for the buyer of your property to come to us, we put the tools in place to present your property to him!

With our knowledge of the property market in the Gulf as well as all our customers’ comments (sellers and buyers) over the years about how they feel about luxury property agents: the disappointing way they are welcomed, how they are misunderstood and the lack of follow-up by many agencies. This is why we were inspired to act. So, for those reasons – and for you – we created SAINT-TROPEZ BAY PROPERTY.
To offer you a new way that’s honest, serious and professional in order to sell your property efficiently.
We only want to offer a choice of high quality or high potential that’s been deliberately targeted.

We don’t just mix everything together. Your property will not be anonymous, invisible among hundreds of others: we will showcase it. We do not sell mediocre properties that would tarnish our image and, by extension, yours. Buyers must have an immediately positive opinion and only see attractive properties. We target a very specific clientele, one that we know well. It’s a partnership between you and us: a mutual choice.

We know that buyers of luxury properties need professionalism, service, availability and, well-targeted properties that have been selected beforehand for them. In short, they don’t want to waste their time. Let’s not forget that they are making a pleasure purchase, so no worries should disrupt their research and acquisition. That is also a part of our job. We know how to do it.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We hope we’ve convinced you to use our services. If you want to sell your property or have it valued, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Any other questions? Let’s meet! contact-us.

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